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JL Jones is an artist...we all are artist.   From an early age, JL Jones was imitating voices, imagining success and scribbling every thought in her mind.   From song lyrics to sketching ideas for live events, her artistic drive comes through in all her work.  



 Educator / Entrepreneur / Realtor

Educator / Entrepreneur / Realtor

Daydreamer and doer, born September 1972. Childhood memories tell the story of Jennifer L. Jones, dreaming to become an entertainer and business mogul. Starting a young age, Jennifer entertained her sisters by imitating SNL characters and voices on Tom & Jerry. Early influences started with her mother and father, Eleanor and Henry.   

Since that early time, Jennifer studied Music Business at Columbia College Chicago. She became a Paralegal student at Loyola University Chicago, where she studied Corporate and Entertainment Law.  Finally, Jennifer received her MBA from Roosevelt University and a Graduate Certificate (Entrepreneurship) from Keller School of Graduate Management. 

After graduation, she launched several smaller projects and became an adjunct faculty member at Columbia College and Truman College. Current projects include One Kiss Worldwide Media and creative pursuits Forsaken, U.$.A and drink.   In January 2017, she earned her real estate brokers license. A life-long learner and consummate educator, Jennifer has more than a decade of teaching and management experience in higher education and has amassed a richly varied skill set that she will proudly transfer to the Real Estate Industry.